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L. Troyer, Cash crunch and arrangement with creditors: will the omitted payment of the withholding taxes and of the declared VAT be part of the new figures of regulation of the business crisis? in, Rivista Dottori Commercialisti, 2019, fasc. 4, pp. 775-804.


Luca Troyer held a lesson titled “Aiding and abetting,slander and self-slander” as part of the Post-Graduate Legal professions Specialization School at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Università degli Studi di Pavia.  

2019 OCTOBER 11th

Luca Troyer held a speech titled “The crimes of omitted payment and the insufficient funds crisis: is it a prison for debts?” during the convention “The Tax-criminal Law system four years after the Legislative Decree 158/2015: the not-yet-solved issues” organized by...


Luca Troyer held a lesson titled “Crimes against the Public Administration in the Legislative Decree 231/2001 system” at the “Corso di formazione tecnica e deontologica dell’avvocato penalista”, hosted by the Pavia Camera Penale.

2019 JULY 8 TH

Luca Troyer held a lesson titled “Bankruptcy crimes and defensive strategies” at the Milan School for the Admission to the List of Attorneys appointed by the Court.


L. TROYER " Art Collector or Art Dealer? The Supreme Court sketches a dividing line between the two figures and faces the possible criminal implications of such a division potentially involving voluntary disclosure, self-money laundering and fraudulent diversion of...

2019 MAY 31TH

Luca Troyer held a lesson titled “Money Laundering and Self-Money Laundering: from the criminal risk to the organizational procedure” at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Law Department.The lesson took place during the session “Management of the financial...

2019 MAY 13th

On May 13th 2019, the Italian periodical "IL SOLE 24 ORE” ranked Studio Legale Troyer Bagliani e Associati as one of the Law Firms of the Year 2019 – “Criminal Law Area” in its column “Rapporti Studi Legali 2019”, where the top Law Firms are listed in alphabetical...

2019 APRIL 10TH

Luca Troyer coordinated a conference entitled “Negligence as a multi-faced fundamental criterion for accusation in the “age of risk” organized by the Criminal Chamber of Milan.