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The Law Firm provides assistance in active (from abroad to Italy) and passive (from Italy to abroad) extradition proceedings, ruled by art. 697 ss. of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Law 69/2005 (European Warrant of Arrest – EWA) and by International bilateral Treaties.

The activity of the Law Firm covers every stage of the procedure, from the arrest to its validation, from the – possible – precautionary measure to the final decision on extradition.

Recently, the Law Firm assisted a British citizen who was hit by an Interpol Red Notice issued by the Australian Authorities due to several Tax and Money Laundering crimes, related to the “Operation Wickenby” scandal.

The case – also reported on international press – ended with the denial to the extradition.

The member of the Law Firm assist individuals hit by international warrants of arrest (EWAs or Interpol Red Notices), but also act as representative of the requiring States.